Get Answers to Common Fostering Questions

How long am I expected to foster?

Length of stay varies by pet, depending on their degree of socialization, health status, behavior training and interest from potential adopters. Foster care homes are expected to care for their foster pets until adopted.

What do I have to pay for as a foster?

Nothing, unless you choose to. Paws for Life provides all medical care and pet supplies. Every dog foster care home will receive (as needed): - Dog food, treats, and dishes - Crate, bed, and Good2Go cooling mat - Toys and Nylabones - Collar, leash, ID tag, and harness - Dog safety seatbelt - Car seat cover - Grooming tools: brush, nail clippers, shampoo, conditioner Every cat foster care home will receive (as needed): - Cat food, treats, and dishes - Carrier and bed - Litter, litter box and scooper - Toys - Cat tower, scratching post and/or cubby - Grooming tools: brush and nail clippers

What if my foster needs to go to the vet?

Our medical coordinators will schedule routine appointments as needed for vaccines and spay/neuter surgery. They will coordinate with your schedule and choose the partnered veterinary practice closest to you, when possible. If it is an emergency, immediately transport your foster pet to the closest emergency vet clinic and call your foster care coordinator. If your foster pet is injured or ill (non-emergency), contact your foster care coordinator, explain the issues and ask that a vet appointment be scheduled.

Can I adopt my foster animal?

Absolutely. In fact, volunteers have the first right to adopt. You must contact your foster care coordinator as soon as you’ve made that decision.

What if my foster animal isn’t working out?

Contact your foster care coordinator immediately to report any and all health or safety concerns regarding your foster pet. We will work with you to resolve the issues or to move the foster pet to another location, as soon as possible.

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